Sun 6 – Trek Day 2 – Another cave

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe get up and are met with breakfast…too much food again…won’t be complaining about being hungry.  So today we go to see a tribal elder, a cave (no crawling this time) and sleep in the Karen village.

We meet our guides for the next 2 days.  One speaks a few words of english and the other none at all.  So off we set and get to this little village where we take a seat.  The guys sit around smoking, and drinking tea.  They’ve picked up some corn husks on the way and use them as cigarette papers.  The local chickens etc are running around the woodstack looking for food.

We get some handmade bracelets which the elder (not sure what the correct term for him is) then puts on our wrists.  They look a bit like friendship bracelets that were all the rage when i was in late primary school.  Then we set off for the cave.

It’s also quite big and we take a few pics using the available torch light..not sure how they’ll turn out as the screen on the 350D isn’t so great.

Then we trek on till we come across a clearing an this is where our guides make us lunch.  They chop down some bamboo which they use to make us some plates and chop sticks.  They prepare us a feast.  All very yummy but way too much food.

Then we trek some more..up and down and up and down really steep hills.  We did no training for this trek and i don’t think it woulda helped..the hills are so steep woulda been better doing stair trainging or something.  My calves, knees and tops of my thighs are so sore.  We reach the village and dump our stuff in the hut and get changed.

We wander around and sit by the river and notice the school with volleyball nets, soccer ball and mini soccer nets. Later on we hear ppl playing so are keen to join sport for almost 2 weeks 🙁

The volleyball nets aren’t for volleyball..rather a round wicker type ball that is kicked and headed over the net..the little kids are playing that game.  We go for soccer with the bigger boys..late teens i’m guessing.  Within hte first 5 mins i trip in a massive hole chasing the ball and twang..there goes my left ankle….I’m hopping on the sideline while John’s yelling “Are you playing or what” after i no longer feel like screaming in pain i hobble back on to play some more.  The field is holely, rocky and just pretty much dangerous…but it’s soccer 🙂  These guys are soo good even the little 8 yr old has some seriuos ball skills.  My foot is throbbing so i basically stand in front of the goal and get the ball pounded at me.  At the end we’re completely sweaty in our nice clean clothes…oh well.

Then it’s off for another huge dinner.  We’re really tired so we’re keen to get outta our wet clothes, put some dencorub on our legs and sleep.  Our guides are trying to convince us we should let them pull our arms, legs and back to help them feel better…but we politely refuse.  Eventually they leave and we’re ready for bed…only moments later they’re at our door wanting to play cards.  John gets the job of saying no and we’re off to sleep.