Sun 15 – Arrived in UK

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo our plane to UK was a lot more modern..we had our own tv..yay.  Somehow we managed to get 1 of about 4 full rows on the whole plane and the guy next to me wasn’t short either so none of us really fit in the seats.  Bit annoying when you look around at all the really short people with a seat in between them.

We sat on the tarmac for an hour..hoping we’d take off before the typhoon hit.  We were queued up behind a lot of planes.  Finally we took off.

So i watched 3 movies (number 23, 300 and zodiac)..none of them particularly interesting, read a whole book and then ran outta stuff to do.  Was so in pain by the time we landed.  Then we hit the huge immigration queue.  Only good thing was by the time we got through our bags were going round and round.

Then a 3 hr drive and we crashed hard that night!