Study notes 70-553 Section 1 part c

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Improve type safety and application performance in a .NET Framework application by using generic collections. (Refer System.Collections.Generic namespace) all V2 classes pretty much impmented as generic versions of the 1.1 classes.  Faster because there is no boxing/unboxing
• Collection.Generic interfaces
• Generic Dictionary
• Generic Comparer class and Generic EqualityComparer class
• Generic KeyValuePair structure
• Generic List class, Generic List.Enumerator structure, and Generic SortedList class – Sorted List uses less membery than sorted Dictionary, SortedDictionary has faster insert and delete on unsorted data.  Sorted List populated all at once is faster than dictionary.
• Generic Queue class and Generic Queue.Enumerator structure
• Generic SortedDictionary class
• Generic LinkedList
• Generic Stack class and Generic Stack.Enumerator structure