Study notes 70-553 Section 1 part b

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Manage a group of associated data in a .NET Framework application by using collections. (Refer System.Collections namespace)
ArrayList class – implements IList
• Collection interfaces 
  ICollection – defines size, enumerators, and syncronisation of collections
  IComparer – used with Array.Sort and Array.BinarySearch.  Allows customisation of sort order of a collection
  IList– collection of objects accessed by index
  IEnumerable – exposes enumerator, for simple iteration over collection
  IHashCodeProvider (obsolete)
  IEqualityComparerV2 – customised equality comparison for collections
• Iterators 
  IDictionaryEnumerator – read data in a collection.  If modifying the collection the enumerator becomes invalid (InvalidOperationException).
  IEnumerator – simple iteration over collection
• Hashtable class
• CollectionBase class and ReadOnlyCollectionBase class
• DictionaryBase class and DictionaryEntry class
• Comparer class
• Queue class
• SortedList class
• BitArray class
• Stack class