SQL Spatial with VE done, dusted and put to rest

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BronwenWeeGo.jpg9 presentations, 8 cities and 9 giant tennis balls later, we’ve concluded our series of SQL Spatial and Virtual Earth talks.

There were a few questions that kept occuring around the funding for our “tour”.  We paid for all the flights, accommodation and transport ourselves (except for the flights to the Melbourne group..which were kindly funded by the usergroup).

Then the next set of questions were around why did we do it if we didn’t get paid for it.  For us, there were a few opportunities. 

  • There was the fact we got to see a new new places..like Perth and Adelaide.
  • We got to meet lots of people we “talk to” onlink but had never met.
  • We got to talk to people about stuff that we find interesting
  • We got to meet lots of people passionate about GIS, GML, community etc. When you get to talk to people truly passionate about something, it always makes you feel more energetic!

I was truly amazed by the enthusiasm of some of our attendees.

  • People flew in from other cities to see the presentation. Last night, one of the attendee flew from Woolongong to Brisbane to see us.
  • People made special efforts to come and see us on Valentine’s day 🙂
  • People were really keen to share their experience and knowledge of GIS, GML etc.

I think the tour really strengthened in our minds how much people identify with maps, and that there’s a lot of interest out there in what both SQL Spatial and Virtual Earth can do.

It was a really good experience, and we’d like to thank all the usergroup leaders who hosted us. These guys do a truly AMAZING job or organinsing the speakers, rooms, food etc. in their own time, just for the love of it.  My hat goes off to you all!