Some high ropes fun

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSaturday we decided to have a fun day out and do a ropes course at Adventure Parc. Down near Tambourine National Park, it was an interesting we were expecting signs..oh well we found it eventually.

One we arrived and handed over our money we’re issued with a set of overalls and a locker key to stash our clothes etc.  Then we’re fitted with a harness, grab some gloves and watch the safety video.

Then it’s off to “the games” – there’s 3 levels – green (easy), red and black.  I’d done something similar many years ago but it was mainly traversing wires and flying down a flying fox.  This one involved pulleys where you had to pull yourself along, various moving logs, ladders etc so was heaps more varried.  So i wasn’t expecting to need quite as much upper body strength and stomach mucles.

T’was good fun but boy was I sore the next day.  I found muscles I never knew existed and it still hurts to laugh.

The place is very well equiped and have staff to supervise and watch out if you get into trouble but the safety gear they provide you with means that you do the course pretty much by yourself (in your group) which is always a bonus.  There were lots of families with youngish children so must be fun for the whole family 🙂