Sat 28 – Trip to Ayutthaya

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we get a cab to the train station and a quick lesson on how to prounouce Ayutthaya.

Helpful person #3 tells us where to go to buy the ticket and what platform to go to.  Our train tickets are 15 Baht each to go about 80k..which is about 45c AUS..which is funny cause a bottle of water is 20 Baht.

So we jump on the train and off we go.  We have no idea how many stops away it is..just what time we should arrive.  As the time gets closer we are looking for the Ayutthaya train station sign…and as we pull away from a stop we see a billboard .. Ayutthaya City Map! I totally freak thinking we’ve missed our stop..we grab the drink man wandering down the ailse and he tells us that we’re 2 stops away.  WHEW!  After we pull away from the stop before ours the nice ticket man comes along and tells us that our stop is next…wish I’d known that at the me from freaking we might miss it.

So get another tuk-tuk to our hotel, grab some room service as we’re just sooo tired and crash for the night.