Sat 21 – Trip into London

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday we ventured into London and met up with Linda.  Everyone here seems to hate the underground and public transport.  I found it awesome! It’s quick and it has great frequency.  We jumped on and off trains all day/night and never had to wait more the 3 mins.

We wandered around the middle of London, checked out the Natural History Museum (cool building), the science musuem and spent the night (what there is of it) taking night pics.  Not many came out too well cause of ppl putting there heads in shot, or being on a moving platform 🙁

small_london 171.jpg

Big Ben during the day.  This bridge is packed with people.  It rained a bit during the day (big surpirse) and it was umberella city…very dangerous for your eyes as most ppl are fairly short.

small_london 214.jpg

The London Eye at night.  This pic was taken very close to midnight and the sky was still very light.  How freaky is that? We thought about going on it during the day but it was packed.  There was a Star Wars exhibition next door that i had to stop myself from going.