Sat 14 July – Off to Japan

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSat 14 July – So today we’re off to Japan.  We get up ridicuoulsy early and off to the airport.  The silver service taxi picked up up and almost blew his gearbox up going up the hill…could’ve been a bad start.  He went the most bizarre way to the airport..on the freeway, through town, along brett’s wharf.  Lucky there was no traffic and it essentially cost the same as the way i’d go.

We get to the airport and have to wait for the checkin counters open..oops..a little too early.  So we’re the first to check in and ask to get our bags in we can have a shower etc.  They seem to think that’s odd..but how else do we clean our teeth..our toothpaste would bee too big and get confiscated if we took it as carryon. 

Our checkin bag weighs 21kg (for both of us)..and our carry on is 11 and 9 kg (oops)..just a bit over the limit..the guy just suggested taking stuff outta our bag when we go through security.  But that’s what you get when you have 2 big lappies and all my lenses.

We get on the plane…it’s an OLD plane.  Has ashtray holes and old style tube headset jacks (before my time..).  They are playing 2 movies..Finding Nemo and some Japenese film.  Lucky there’s a few spare seats so we get 3 seats for 2 of us..lucky as the seats are sooo uncomforatble.

This is where i was spoilt with personal video screens on previous flights..Finding Nemo is really bad and the Japenese movie is even worse…makes the 8 1/2 hour flight go very slow.

Gave us some time to look at slides for our Tech.Ed presentation. 

We grab our bags an onto bus for our accom. The hotel gives you toothbrushes/paste (doh) good to know for next time. We both crash pretty hard.