Samsung SCX4200 laser printer – everything i need in 1 small box

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgA few weeks back our printer decided it didn’t want to feed paper anymore.  It was an All-In-One type inkjet which was handy for scanning and photocopying but took quite awhile if you wanted to print anything over a couple of pages.

So I decided I wanted a laser printer..but I needed to fill a few criteria:

  • Tray feed – none of this putting 10 pages in the feeder at the top at a time
  • Photocopy function
  • Scan function
  • Quiet
  • Small as possible
  • less than $300

So I looked around and came across the Samsung SCX4200

It fit all my criteria and for $199 I’m pretty happy.  It’s really small, really quiet, does a decent job at printing, scanning, and photocopying and easily holds 1/2 a reem of paper. 

The annoying thing about printers etc. these days is they give you a printer, a “starter cartridge” but no cable!  Lucky the cable from the previous printer works.  Seriously do they need to cut costs that much they can’t toss in a $10 cable that would cost them bugger all?