Qld MSDN User Group – Windows Azure talk complete

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PIC_00071  Last night we presented a session called – Windows Azure – A developer’s introduction to coding in the cloud at the Queensland MSDN User Group in Brisbane.  We had a great turnout of around 60 people. It’s always good to present to a home crowd with lots of familiar faces.  Big thanks to Mike for inviting us to present and for sponsoring the night’s pizza and drinks.

For those that want a copy of our slides, list of resources and/or code examples you can download them from:


Resources – here


After a few demos we asked the group what they thought would be a good use for Azure and here’s a list of ideas that people came up with:

  • Surveillance systems – integrating terabytes of data, image facial recognition processing
  • Document management systems – infinite storage, indexing capabilities
  • Monthly Letter processing – fast, only for 1 hour / month
  • Large CPU computations – rendering Toy Story 6
  • Engineering design – high CPU computation, occasional usage
  • User tracking and data mining
  • Torrent
  • Large scale spam processing
  • Data warehousing
  • Processing component to Live Mesh
  • Replace Folding @ home, SETI etc.
  • Web stress testing
  • Bulk PDF creation from online sources
  • And of course…Deep Zoom 🙂


What do you think is a good use for Windows Azure?