Product Review: Picopad and Booksling

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgThe guys at EverydayInnovations sent me some samples of their products, the PicoPad and the Booksling, just before Xmas. Now that I’ve been able to use them for a few weeks it’s time to see what i thought.



What is it? – Postit notes with a tiny ballpoint pen inside a credit card sized cover.

What did I think of it? – While I have a pda phone and use it a lot. I found this really useful when you’re on your phone with someone and need to write down a phone number, address etc.  Or you’re with someone who needs do do the same.

What i liked about it – It’s the size of a credit card so fits in your wallet so you’ve always got a pen and paper.

What I’d change – I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find pens fail on my when i need them.  If the pen was changed to ge a pencil/solid graphite strip this would solve the pen not working when i need it most problem.



What is it?- Elastic bookstrap, with a bookmark ribbone and space for 2 pens.

What did i think about it? – I’m always losing my pens, and hate trying to find what page I’m up to in my scribble pad, so being able to attach pens etc. was really useful.  It’s most useful for a5 sized notebooks.

What I’d change – I tend to use a4 notebooks.  The elastic is too strong/tight for this size and bends the book too much.  So either need a lighter elastic or another size.