Playing with Office Live Workspace

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgOffice Live Workspace Beta was made available in Australia the other day.  I’ve been using google docs for awhile and found it a good way to share docs, spreedsheets etc with remote teams/clients and also a way to get to some documents when I have internet access but not access to my computer.

You can download the add-ons and you can open from and save to the workspace from Word , Excel etc on your computer.

There’s a few templates to help you get started for your workspaces.  Depending on what type of workspace i.e. work project, travel, household etc. you’ll get different default documents e.g. Project Schedule, participant list, todo list etc.

i created my account on Monday and only just started putting some of my project docs in my new workspace so I’ll write a follow up post in a few weeks to see what I think of it.