Overnight in JoBerg

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Yesterday afternoon I couldn’t help myself, had to get one last cuddle from some of the cubs I’ve been looking after so I ventured into the ABC enclosure and Clarice was up for some muddy lion hugs and belly rubs. So sweet but now my pants are full of mud, oh well…they’re going to get a lot muddier on our trek in a few days.

This morning we said goodbye to everyone at Boskoppie and ventured back to Johannesburg on the bus.


We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head to Monte Casino to re-visit the birds we had so much fun taking pics of 2 years ago. The macaws are amazing – you can get up so close to them for some nice close-up shots


They also have a few little monkeys


Red lumurs in an awesome open enclosure on a man made island


We hung around for the bird show at 3pm which is opened by a crow picking up cans and putting them in the bin.


One of the highlights is the kookaburra (noticing a theme here) that would fly to a hat in the crowd for food. This little boy couldn’t bend any further back I think.


Some native birds


The awesome tucan.


and some bright birds in a giant aviary where they can fly around.


Spending the night at Outlook Lodge which is a pretty awesome house B&B. Tomorrow we fly to Rwanda to do our gorilla trek and volcano hike. We’re off for 4 days and in theory have internet but not sure how good it will be so we may go a bit dark.

After that we’re heading down to the Drakensburg – again not sure what the internet coverage will be like so may not hear from us for about a week.