Off to Rwanda

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Today was a long day of travel. Up at 6 to have breakfast and make our way to the airport. We found the locker storage so we could leave one of our bags with our left over non-perishables and found our way to check-in.

Our flight was fairly empty and we got moved to the exit row. We landed briefly in Burundi, a pile of people go off and 5 got on. The plane had about 15 people on it so we ended up with a exit row each so they didn’t have to brief anyone else. Quick flight and we were in Kigali.

After working out where to pay for our visa, and getting our bag we were through. The ATM proved a little tricky to get money from but we got there in the end.

Then it was a 2 hour drive to Ruhengeri. It was a slow, steep drive. There were so many people walking on the sides of the road, many of them carrying things on their heads. There were motorcycle taxis and combi vans full of people. 

We arrived at our hotel, had something to eat and then sleep. – early start with the gorillas tomorrow