Off to Bangkok

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we arrived at the airport just over 3hrs early in hope of securing ourselves a decent seat.  When we found Thai airways we were met with a very long queue and came to the realisation that we were probably in for a long flight.  So no exit or “honeymoon” seats for us, but at least the plane is a bit smaller so the seat config is a 3, 3, 3 rather than a 3,4,3.

After dealing with a grumpy TRS guy who didn’t really want to give me the gst on my new lens cause we weren’t married we sat around and waited for our flight to board.

9 hrs is a much better figth time than the 14 hr trip to LA.  The plane was packed, didn’t see any free seats.  The food was surprisingly yummy and they did constant drink runs, so if you wanted, you coulda got quite sloshed.  All in all we found Thai airways really good.

After getting bags, through customs etc. went in search of ATM.  Helpful person #1 pretty much escorted us to an ATM.  Wandered outside to taxi and off to our hotel.  There was a storm around with very cool lightning and the streets started to flood so took us a bit to get there.

Roads in Bangkok are interesting..not a lot of places to turn right so lots of U turns and what appears to be backtracking.  Get to our hotel..very basic, nothing fancy but has clean sheets and a hard bed so we crash for the night…as it’s almost 3am in AUS.