Merry Christmas, thanks for all the stuff.

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johnWeeGo.jpgMerry Christmas everyone. It’s been a busy and fun year in the world of software development. I’ve upgraded to Vista, Office 2007, IIS7, SQL 2005, .Net2, built a media centre and found Virtual Earth and AJAX all in one year!

The move to Virtual Earth Development has been fun. I am very lucky to be working with great tools doing interesting work. No matter how much people complain about web2.0 I think it rocks.

For me it’s less about the social impact or the cost structures and more about getting a really great experience out there on the web. From an ASP.NET background being able to develop sites from scratch using AJAX has been a great experience. I’m now at the point where your UI code sits out there with the client and your web server just has to deal with getting the right bit of data served optimally. No more rendering complete web page because a checkbox was ticked. It just seems so much more efficient all round and the performance shows. Why didn’t we do this earlier is all I can say.

So have a great Christmas and I’ll have some new amazing articles on Virtual Earth in the new year!