Lego Indiana Jones – My 2 cents

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I’ve been a bit quiet in the last week and a half after an unplanned trip to hospital meant I wasn’t allowed to do much. Last Thursday Lego Indiana Jones came out so I’ve been playing that to relieve some of my boredom.


Now that I’ve 100% completed it I thought I’d share what I thought.

The lego series are probably the best 2 player games I’ve ever played.  I’ve played Lego Star Wars 1, 2 and now Lego Indy.

Overall it’s a great game and worth the $40 price tag on day one.  It follows the same concept of the earlier games with both story and free play modes, a “True Adventurer” for attaining a level of money, collection of artifacts etc. Make sure you keep an eye out for the Star Wars cut scenes when you play through in Free Play Mode.

My biggest issues:

  1. Buggy – found a number of places I ended up getting to that I shouldn’t be able to and the game freaked out and got stuck.
  2. Not a 1 player game – there is no way you could complete the whole game with 1 player / 1 controller.  The computer player is dumb .. which is ok.  Other times it is smart-dumb – You jump on a ledge and need to switch to the other player to move your platform etc. the computer moves the player off the ledge. Worse still is where you need to physically use 2 controllers at once to do a part of the game.
  3. Not as varied as Lego Star Wars – The previous games encompassed a big range of game generes into 1 game. There were scrolling shooters, space flight simulators etc. There a few sections of a few games that have some variance but not many.
  4. Not as comprehensive – This game is much easier and a lot less involved than Lego Star Wars 2. Maybe it’s aimed at a younger audience?