January in review – busy start to the year

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe’ve had a busy and eventful start to 2008..and boy has it just flown by!

It kicked off really well when I was awarded a Microsoft MVP award. Already i’ve met quite a few other MVPs, had an introduction lunch and booked our tickets to the MVP summit.

It was closely followed by getting our passing results for the Virtual Earth exam that we both sat..and luckily both passed 🙂

We’ve been flying around the country doing presentations on SQL Spatial and Virtual Earth. This month we’ve done 5 presentations in 4 capital cities..Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart (x2).  We’ve had some great feedback, questions and met some great people. We also added another talk to the tour in February for the Gold Coast .Net Usergroup.

Our travelling prompted us to get wireless broadband..so far it’s been good..download speed is decent but finding the upload a bit slow.

I took the plunge and upgraded my JasJam to mobile 6.  I’m liking the interface a lot better..but finding it takes longer to us mobile messenger and find my contacts etc.

We’ve been working on a few exciting projects that we hope to be able to post more information about really soon…so stay tuned.