How hard is it to get a phoneline put in?

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgYou’d think connecting a new phone line and linking it to your existing account would be a simple task?  Apparantly not.

The task was simple..I wanted a new phone line at my house so we could get ADSL2.  I needed a Telstra business line so I could combine it on the same account as the bussiness mobiles to be eligible for “bundling” specials.

Don’t know what the sales staff at Telstra are on…cause I don’t think they coulda got it any more wrong.
1. It took 4 phone calls and 3 emails to get an appointment to get the line put in.  The sales guy in the BUSINESS section had no idea on the line fee costs or installation costs.  It was all “it’s around”.  And apparantly it’s a hard thing to have a different postal address to the physical address.
2. The sales guy put through the wrong request so we weren’t patched into the “ADSL Section” at the exchange.

We get our first bill…but it’s just for the phone…not the mobiles. I call up to find out why this is and find out the salesman had additionally done the following incorrect things:
3. He’d put it through as a residential phone (and charged me the business price $15 more a month)
4. He’d put it through in my name but had the bill addressed to the company
5. He’d made a new account rather than link it to the existing account.
6. I was the only one attached to the accounts…so John no longer had access to speak to anyone about the phones
7. The way he’d set it up we weren’t entitled to the discount
8. After specifically asking for it not to be listed in the phone book, he’d made it a listed number.

So it’s all “fixed” now..but we’ll still get a couple of more separate bills while the whole thing works it’s way through the system.

This person was so incompetent i’m surprised we even got a bill…guess he got one thing right.