HoloLens–First Reactions

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After getting a real HoloLens I thought the best thing was to take it out into the world to meet some real people.

Normally I’d spend some time to put together a nice presentation. I hadn’t had time so I was bad and winged it.

My first experiment was an interesting one. I’d configured the device for me and I don’t have a pupil measuring device so I thought I’d see how we go at just using it as is.

After showing people the first gesture the select I let them go.

It didn’t take long until the “Wow!”, “No way!” and the general look of amazement on the face was present.

Helping them without seeing what they see was a bit challenging so I quickly decided i needed to at least have a few holograms lying around for them to see.


Even though I’ve tried to explain the experience to people for over a year. No matter how many times you explain it – people do not understand it’s awesomeness until they experience it themselves.

It doesn’t take long till people are selecting, rotating, placing and playing with holograms like a pro. You soon notice that your room is all of a sudden filled with hamster wheels, astronauts and fish swimming around your desk.

I also have a bad habit of losing my hologram menus so I’ve taken to put them on a wall.