Fri 8 Apr-Chillaxing

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Last full day in Vic Falls so we decided to chillax before John’s trip home and my onward journey to Zambia. Had planned to hang by the pool and go swimming but the temperature today had other ideas. It was too cold for me even to lay by the pool and read. I went in search of postcards but couldn’t find any that I liked so had to settle on actual cards..almost was tempted to tear them in half and make my own postcard.

Ventured out for lunch but couldn’t find the strength or enthusiasm to brave the markets so fingers crossed I see some good souvenirs in Zambia.

For dinner we headed out to the Boma restaurant. It’s a massive buffet with a range of animals you can eat. So I got to eat most of the animals I’d seen the day before like: Guinea Fowl, Impala, Warthog, Crocodile, Ostrich and more. They had dancing displays, fortune tellers, face painters, hair braiders and drumming. The interactive drumming was the big finale for the night and was quite entertaining as they try to teach a whole restaurant of people how to play the african drums.