Fri 15 Apr- The chimp ball

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Awhile back I bought a behaviour enrichment toy for the chimps from Joe at Aussie Dog. Today we gave it to Milla. She’s a lovely chimps who stays inside because the other pick on her. We put chips and biscuits inside and waited to see what she’d do. She’s pretty smart and got all the food out fairly easily but seemed to enjoy tipping it up and grabbing it out with her fingers. The pics aren’t too crash hot as I was shooting through the bars but I do have some good video I’ll upload once I’m home.


We played with her awhile and she was quite content grooming Katie’s hair.


We let the chimps in and fed them. Milla wouldn’t shift cages so we had to let the others in with her. One of the chimps wanted her toy so she used it to beat him up with it. Got this on video aswell but not sure how much you can make out other than the red ball flying through the air with a chimp arm attached.

Once we let them out we had time for some pics while they were eating guavas.


At 4 nobody came to collect us so we walked back to camp. I wish they’d told us as I only had my gumboots and they are really uncomfortable to walk long distances in. Now have a few blisters after the 6k walk.