Fixing "Something went wrong" page with error ADDriverStoreAccessNonLocalException

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Recently we saw a change to our and it upgraded our accounts. My account went through fine and I see the layout on the right. One of our other accounts however didn’t.  Took awhile to new emails were arriving and sending emails weren’t working. Odd.

Then when you tried all we saw was:

“Something went wrong” page with error ADDriverStoreAccessNonLocalException

Not very useful. After a lot of searching eventually I stumbled upon this article.  Ours is setup as a custom domain so changing anything now as this feature no longer exists is always scary.

The proposed solutions where:

  • rename account – not going to happen as we want this domain.
  • add another alias and make it the primary –This looked like our best bet.

Reading the recommended article it wasn’t clear what would happen and I was super paranoid about losing the data or the email address as i don’t think it’s easy to get back.

In the end after much worry this is what worked:

  • Add a new alias – for this we added a new that didn’t have sign-in ability
  • Once that was there – marked it as the primary alias

STOP HERE! We made sure we didn’t remove the old alias. The we were able to once again login with the old alias/password and can send/receive emails once again.