EvangelOz wrapup

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For the final of our three amazing, yet long and intense days at EvangelOz we each gave a 10 minute presentation showing off what we’d learned.  There was so much to think about – just look at what we did on Day 1. For something a bit different, and because my new laptop doesn’t have any of my old presentations on it, I decided I’d do a non technical talk. Coming up with an idea and content from scratch with very little preparation time proved to be difficult.  In the end I think it worked out ok. I tried a lot of new things, lots of gestures, lots of movement and some story telling that at the time felt very over the top. Even looking at the video now, it feels like too much.

I’d love to hear your feedback so have uploaded the video to YouTube here or you can watch below.


We finished off the day with a mystery activity. We all had a few guesses at what terrible task had been lined up for us. In the end it turned out to be getting on our soapbox in public for 3 minutes. Turns out you have to get permission from building management first, or maybe the security guards were a little bored and just wanted to pick a fight.  It was great to see everyone get up and give it a go. It’s quite surprising how scary it isn’t when you’re surrounded by people to support you and the fact strangers will go to great length to avoid the crazy person bellowing across the square. Many thanks to Mark and Chris for being my participants/volunteers in my crazy tirade against smoking in public places.

One of the best things about the 3 days was the wonderful, constructive feedback I received and I think that’s worth a whole blog post on its own.  Big thanks to Andrew and Sarah for allowing us to be part of what I think is going to be an awesome year! So John and I need to practise what we’ve been learning so here’s our shout-out to let everyone know we’re open for business if you want someone to give a talk. Just shoot us an email or call etc.