Dust on lens sensor – the dilemma

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe just came back from a weekend in Canberra where i took the opportunity to take some pics in the little spare time we had.  As the Sunday was very grey it showed up lots of “spots” in the some of the pics.  Assumming we’d gotten fluff on the lens I gave them a good clean and then took a few test shots to discover the spots were on my sensor!!!!

So we opened up the camera used the “puffer” and gave it a good blow and wiped the visible dust with a cotton bug (yes I know it’s not recommended). So took a few more test shots at F22 only to discover still had quite a few spots


So my dilemma is..We leave for Thailand on Friday.  Do i leave the spots as they are since they’re pretty small and not really obvious except when you know they’re there.  Or..do I take the camera to Canon and get them to give it a clean and hope they give it back to me before we leave. 

So what did i decide?  For those who know me will know i’m not the “luckiest” person..so was pretty much betting on Canon ending up with my camera for 3 weeks and if i try to fix it myself I’m likely to make it worse.  So now that there’s only a few spots I took a few shots at f5.6, f8 which are the apetures i use more often.  At this apeture you really don’t see the marks so I’ve decided to live with it till we get back and just be mindfull of taking landscapes at anything about f13 with very plain backgrounds.  Again, if it’s grean and leafy/varied you don’t see it.


So hopefully it won’t ruin too many of my photos.  In a conscious effort to reduce the weight of my camera bag which at the moment is heavier than my clothes, I’ve decided to leave my external flash, it’s batteries and battery charger at home.  Heaps more space now 🙂  Now to resist the tempation to buy a new lens..I’ve been eyeing off the 70-200 IS USL L F4…it’ll fit really well now the flash is gone 🙂