Dell salesman are allowed to lie to you…..

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgI bought my lappy a few months ago.  As it was around the time of talk of upgrade offers to Vista, we contacted Dell to see if we would qualify for the Dell Vista Upgrade.  The sales guy then realised he’s completely lost our order and had to “rush a new one through” so i’d get my laptop in time.  He also ASSURED us we qualified for the dell upgrade.

Low and behold, apparantly our order got entered on the 25th, so now it seems that I don’t qualify.  I’ve called Dell to talk to them about this, and they just dismiss the fact that their salesman gave out completely wrong information.

So “Not Happy Jan”…i want my copy of Vista!

I just think it’s wrong that companies can tell you one thing, it be incorrect, and somehow it’s not their fault.