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Today we were on dogs, ducks and rex again so was a quiet day. I did a bit of nursery baby sitting, we watched them dart a tiger to get some warts cut out and played with the cubs. We spent a bit of time today playing with the DEF’s so thought we’d show some of our pics of these guys.


There are 12 cubs in this enclosure from 3 litters (D, E and F names). They are 9 weeks and under and can be quite cute but when they get a bit worked up can also be a handful.


They are fascinated by the Go Pro and the dolly.


We quite often get about half of them trying to lick, bite, claw and run off with the camera mount which makes for some cute pictures.


They’re at their cutest when they are asleep. Being a pack animal you can quite often find all 12 of them huddled up asleep in a giant ball of lion cubs.


They are quiet curios and like to climb over their tyres and their logs.




The D’s and E’s have quite light coats.


While the F’s have much more red in their fur.

If you can get one alone they can be quite sweet and want to cuddle and sleep after they get over their initial bitey phase. They do have a bit of a jealousy issue, so once a 2nd one comes over they can get quite protective of you and start fighting over you…right on your lap. When they’re in a bitey phase, you can quite often get 4 or more of them all trying to chew your shoes, pants, arms…pretty much anything they can get their teeth to.