DeepEarth release on the 17th, bug hunt competition on now.

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On the 13th June this year we officially kicked off the DeepEarth project at Codeplex. Since then, with some great contributions from team members, the project has evolved into a very compelling control and has already had great interest around the globe.
I’m pleased to announce we are very close to a Christmas holiday release, the 17th December is the day for our V1 release.


Bug hunt competition details follow:

So now is the time to download the latest code and give us your valuable feedback and suggestions. To encourage you we have a little incentive, a 1 year MSDN Premium Subscription including VS2008 Team Suite to the person that logs the most unique bugs (not feature requests although we are interested in these also).
In fact you can participate in this without having to install a thing, simple visit our test site:

And start entering in your bugs on the codeplex issue tracker today:
The bug hunt starts now and ends at 11:59pm US Pacific time on the 12th December 2008. Be sure to quickly check the current list of outstanding bugs to not duplicate entries.