Day 9 West Isabella

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DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR9629.This morning I’m sleeping with the help of some cold and flu one of the other passengers had. The real stuff is so effective and so annoying that it’s almost impossible to get at home.


John goes out on the morning excursion to walk over the lava flows.


Not much vegetation here bar the lava cactus. Always one of the first plants to appear on a new volcanic island.

0V7C0406They can grow for 100’s of years. Slowly opening gaps in the lava letting in water and slowly breaking the lava apart.


Mid-morning is a cold snorkel with lots of sea turtles


and lots of fish.


The water out here is really cold (hence you can get penguins) and John is chilled to the bone when he gets  back.


In the afternoon the brave people go for snorkel number two for the day. It must be cold – one of the passengers who has thus far swum without a wetsuit gave in this afternoon.


This evening we land and hike up to Darwin lagoon.

After two days in bed I feel like a person again but I haven’t got my land legs back and everything feels like it’s still moving.


As we walk up the sets of stairs I’m feeling a bit out of this being sick thing is killing me when I notice everyone else is huffing and puffing so it’s not just me.


We hike over the top of the first crater for a decent view over the island and then back to the boat.