Day 9–Vik And Surrounds

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After crashing hard and a good night’s sleep we woke to a beautiful morning. First we headed to Reynifjara Beach to suss out the area.


Light isn’t good there in the morning and there’s nobody in sight.


The sand is dark grey and full of the most perfect skipping stones.



Short drive round the corner to Dyrholaey and up the hill to the light house.


Only one other person here and not great light yet but there are some puffins.


On the road we have to pull over to admire the amazing view.


To break up the onslaught of waterfalls I’ve got the  Solheimasandur Plane Wreck on my list.


It’s about a 4k walk from the carpark.


It is so flat but you can’t see the plane until the last minute as it’s in a slight dip.


That’s enough walking for the morning so we head to Skogafoss which is one of the biggest waterfalls at 25m in Iceland.


I head to the base to give an idea of size. We pop into the bistro here to get some lunch before heading back to our accommodation to put our feet up for the afternoon.

Really needed the nanna nap and was lucky to not just sleep the afternoon away.


Back to Dyrholaey to get some afternoon shots. Clouds are out so not going to get nice colours here so head for Reynifjara Beach to wait and hope for sun.



On the way back at, almost stopped BANG! There goes the windscreen. I’ve heard horror stories of people being charged over $1000 US for a simple windscreen so this time we actually paid the extra insurance. Still expensive and hopefully cheaper than the alternative. I consider calling about the windscreen and the thought of them telling me I have to go somewhere right now to get it fixed and miss the shots I’ve been waiting all day for put me off. So we park the car and decide to deal with it after the sun goes down.

Back to the beach and it’s packed. We spend the time finding the shots we want, watching the people and keeping a close eye on the sun. As I watch the sun getting lower behind the giant cloud and the people slowly leaving I nab a spot on the basalt rocks so nobody else does.

Waiting, waiting…another lady is impatiently waiting and easily frustrated by the crowds. A group is playing with their drone (one of the only places I haven’t seen a No Drone sign) and 4 seconds after launch a propeller flies off and the drone crashes.


Finally the sun goes below the cloud cover and lights up the rocks.


Time to get those photos we’ve been patiently waiting for. We’ve only got 1 tripod and no use us both taking the same photos so I’ll just be director of photography for the afternoon.


Lastly head into the cave now the light is a bit less intense outside for some arty shots.


Back at the hotel call Thrifty about the windscreen. I’m picturing spending tomorrow getting this fixed but they said It’s fine.