Day 7–Hotel Switcheroo Bring on Antarctica

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Today was hotel swap day. Moving out of our little apartment and to our much more expensive and swish hotel to meet up with our group before the big journey begins.

When we arrived our room wasn’t ready so we were put in the late checkout room which is pretty nice – shower, tv, lounge etc. I think they forgot about us and that may have helped us somehow  score a MASSIVE room.

The new place is massive – massive bed, spa bath, lounge room, dining room, bar, “guest toilet” etc. It’s a bit fancy for my taste and there’s something about all the staff speaking English that takes the “fun” of being in a country where their first language isn’t English. Even though my Spanish is non existent and my phrase book has been getting a good workout for just single words, the sign language, pointing, and improvising really makes you feel you’re a long way from home.

Tonight we had our pre-departure dinner where we met some of the people we’re going to spend the next couple of weeks with. We thought by leaving from the Falklands we cleverly only cross the Drake passage once but tonight we found out the crossing from the Falklands to South Georgia is known as “the washing machine” and the Drake is tame in comparison.

We’re going early in the season so will be the first ship to South Georgia in the season and the 2nd ship to the Antarctic Peninsula. Tomorrow is going to be –2 (with windchill –7) so it’s going to be a boots and all intro to the cold bumpy adventure.

This will be our last post for awhile. On the boat to Antarctica we don’t get any internet – scary yes. I’ll be writing some posts but won’t be able to hit the publish button till we hit land in Ushuaia again.

John’s been playing with some hyperlapse. Here’s a quick glimpe of one from Easter Island – make sure you watch the HD Version