Day 6–Hike up Alto el Naranjo

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Today we got out of town and went for a hike up Alto el Naranjo.


It’s a short drive out of the city except in peak hour traffic when it’s quite a bit longer.


It’s quite a steep walk on very slippery rubble. It gave my new hiking boots a good workout. I really should have bought a pair of these a long time ago. I’ve been living with sneakers all these years and sliding down on my butt on slopes way less steep than this one for years.


As you get higher you get a decent view of the mountains and a look over the city. It  is surrounded by mountains which seem to trap the smog.


My feet were a bit swollen and tender from yesterday’s flight so hiking up a steep hill was not a good idea. I really started feeling it on the way down.


I felt like a little old lady on the way down, shuffling with my hiking poles.


The hill was covered in cactus plants with some cool flowers.

The afternoon was spent finding and working out how to use the laundry in the complex. Turned out to be fairly straight forward if you have small bills. So now we have a stack of clean clothes before we get on our boat.