Day 6–Drive to Etosha

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Today was another big day of driving – 500+ km to Etosha. Fortunately it was a tarred road for a lot of the way. The roads have a 120 km/hr speed limit which also helps get you there a bit quicker. The downside is they aren’t dual carriage way so John to got practice his overtaking trucks without a turbo charged car. I was let go as chief re-circulate button pusherer as now there were no dust concerns.


After a few hours we switched an I drove about 200k – and choose to shortcut our route by taking 90k of gravel over the tarred road. The gravel isn’t as nice as the tarred road but it was pretty well compacted, decent width and the type of gravel road you can happily sit at 100km/hr on when there’s noone coming the other way and then just slow down a bit when there is incase there’s a bit of soft soft you have to steer through and to not drown the other person in dust. Spotted our first road kill today which is a bit surprising considering the number of animals.


We arrived at Etosha Safari Lodge and unloaded the car and wandered up to the deck to watch the sun go down.  This is our home for the next 2 nights