Day 4–Reverse 360 around The Island

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Today we set sail early to do the 360 tour of San Cristobal. I was keen to check out Kicker Rock as it’s supposed to have heaps of sharks at snorkel depth.


We motor on for awhile, pretty much the route we cycled yesterday which is when I realised we’re doing the anti-clockwise version, meaning Kicker is last. It was crazy windy on the boat and yes it took me hours and much screaming to get the knots out of my hair.


We pulled up at this really nice looking beach. Soft sand beautiful clear water, then proceeded to walk in thongs across volcanic rock to a lagoon. The lagoon was really cold even in a wetsuit and was quite murky.


There were a few crabs and then these little sharks way down deep. Snorkle and mask are working pretty good. I’m useless with the flipper things. I feel like I’m gong to snap my ankle backwards. Guess I’ll soon have a week to get better with them.


Then more walking across sharp volcanic rock to see some bleached coral. Normally it takes many years to pile up on the cove but the El Nino the other year caused a whole bunch to get dumped. Really wished I had brought my sneakers as my feet got a bit cut up on the sharp rocks as my skinny feet shifted around in my thongs.


Puttered around the island a bit more then they went fishing….


for birds. They used the lures on the the boat rods to attract the birds.


Over near Punta Pitt we spotted a couple of whales. Everytime I see these guys I remember the whale up the coast that got beached in the middle of winter and we spent some time bucketing water onto it. Even though it was cold, the water was warm.


Next stop is another beach. I’m pretty cold at this point so I try to warm up in the sun. John checks out all the fish in the water near us.


Last up for the day is Kicker Rock. The little blip next to the pointy rock is a boat. These rocks are big.


I’m shivering at this point so opt not to get wet again. John jumps in to swim between the two big rocks and see a stack of sharks.


Again, quite murky but you can see on of them below the feet of the guys in front. Then back to the mainland, to our hotel and into the warm shower for me.

Tomorrow we get on our 8 days trip around the islands. I’m hoping either the wetsuits or the water is a lot warmer or I’m not going to be doing a lot of snorkeling.

We won’t have internet for the next week or so. When we finally get back on dry land I’ll upload the corresponding posts.