Day 4–chilling around Easter Island

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1Woke up early this morning for sunrise only for it to be really cloudy and pouring down with rain. So meant a nice slow morning and catching up on some sleep.

Went into town for lunch and to get some more cash only to find the ATMs aren’t working today. Hopefully they’ll be working again tomorrow or it might be fun paying for our car!

Went and admired Rano Raraku from and distance and at Ahu Tangariki for a few hours just to sit in front and admire the massive array of 15 statues for awhile.

Had such a good time at Rano Raraku yesterday thought I’d put a nice range of pics here.


This is the view as you drive up to the park at Rano Raraku. The side of the volcano is littered with massive statues.


This a panorama from one of the viewing points. I waited half an hour to get this picture with as few people as possible.


From the same vantage point looking over the most famous of the statues.


On for the first guys you see along the path. He’s quite elevated to where you stand so is quite imposing.


Bit of black and white to make them look a bit older.


Gotta be the most photographed in the area. There was a couple who literally took pics of this one for 40 mins!


You can see so much detail in the surface of the faces.


Can still see the carvings on the bellies of this one.


Big heads poking out of the ground everywhere.


Such great subjects to shoot.

Tomorrow is my last chance to get a good sunrise photo before we fly back to Santiago at lunch time.