Day 25 – EarthQuake

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After a good sleep-in after yesterday’s long bus trip we went for a wander around the town and to look for some lunch.


There’s a long ‘boardwalk’ along the coast. There’s a bunch of construction going on all along here which I’m guessing is getting ready for summer. They’re adding some nice timber walkways and other paths. It’s going to look pretty cool when it’s done. So you have a big main street with multi-lane divided, then a separated bike path, then what looks like it could be a running track (bouncy bitumen) then a tiled walkway, then a timber walkway.


There’s a bunch of high-rise and residential all packed between the water the the giant dunes behind.


After being in San Predro where you were spoilt for choice for restaurants every step you took, we walked for what seemed like hours till we finally stumbled onto this cool restaurant with great food and service with a nice view of the water.


After some food had a bit of a relax in the hotel and all a sudden it felt like the room was moving and then it was definitely moving and I could see the powerlines out the window swaying.

I’m pretty sure we just felt an earthquake. So I jumped straight on the USGS site and hit refresh every few minutes until my suspicion was confirmed – a 5.4 100 k away. You can see the details here. I was a good citizen scientist and contributed to the “Did You Feel It” section.

Then we booked a car for tomorrow as I want to check out the nearby Ghost-town but can’t bear another tour. On the way to dinner we checkout where the carhire place is, grab a few snacks and get some food.