Day 23 Carcass Island

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Today was basically a “filler” day in terms of photography but it turned out to be a nice day.

We landed on the beach and the sun was shining so we took a bit of walk and found somewhere out of the wind and had a nice sit looking over the beach. Had a bit of a wonder around the 2+ metre tussock grass and then headed back to the boat for lunch.


On the way back in we were joined by a few dolphins.

After lunch we headed to the settlement for afternoon tea and what an afternoon tea it was. There was a great pot of proper black tea and a spread of home made food – fruit cake, chocolate chip biscuits,lamingtons, jelly short bread, chocolate cake with coffee icing, scones and much more. Made me feel like I was visiting my grandparents – Granddad with a big pot of black tea so strong your spoon stands up in the cup and Nanna with her home made cakes, biscuits etc.


Behind the house there were some friendly Curra Curras that we could get pretty close to.


After awhile I thought they were fighting over attention from us.


Afternoon was back to the beach to get some pengiun shots. I didn’t have my zoom with me and it’s not quite zoomy enough and I don’t’ really like getting my gear in sand so we sat up on the cliff and watched the giant V of people waiting for the penguins to come in.


It was quite amusing to watch a smaller group of other photographers hit the beach and see our massive group all huddled up together.


Yesterday there was a beautiful sunset we were hoping would happen again was it was not to be.