Day 20–Saunders Island

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Today we headed to Saunders Island. Even though I knew on Day 12 the dream was over, being in the snow and conditions in South Georgia hid that seeing penguins on bright green grass really brought that front and centre.

It’s a steep landscape here with a variety of bird life. It’s interesting to walk around the cliffs on such an angle with gum boots. Having skinny feet I’m slipping so far sideways in them I’m almost walking on the sides of the boots rather than any part of the sole.


There’s a decent colonies of albatross here. They look a bit like giant seagulls from a distance. They make an amazing nest of mud that’s about a foot high.


Up close they have the most amazing black teardrop feathers around their eyes that against their whisper white feathers makes it look like their eyes are always open.


The Rock Hoppers are energetic little penguins. They leap from rock to rock and move at pace.

I missed the penguin briefing when I was sick so I really pick up a few names here and there but I prefer to refer to them as the levitating zombie penguins.


I love their evil fiery eyes and their massive yellow tipped eyebrows. They looks like something that a friendlier looking penguin comes back as in Pet Semetery.


All over the hills are these burrowed holes. They contain a bunch of these penguins which I will call the burrowing penguin.

I was a little cold as it is really windy here and destroys my fingers so I came back at lunch and enjoyed steak and chips for lunch and hung out in the lounge watching a few movies while John went back out.


He shot a few other penguins. This one was pretty cool. You see a lot of them carrying rocks around and this one which I’ll call Lipstick Punk was no exception.


John braved the afternoon beach and got some of the Zombie penguins coming in from the ocean and hopping along the rocks and this curious animal.