Day 1–Saturday To Santiago

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Today we are officially on holidays. After booking this trip over 14 months in advance it has been a slow countdown. It’s been a long first day getting up at 5am to get to the airport in Brisbane, to catch our flight to Sydney. Then a quick change of airports before jumping on our next plane to Santiago.

I’d managed to get us an exit row on both flights which makes a massive difference for us how we feel at the end.

Chile has a reciprocity fee for Australians of $117 US (ouch) which involves a long line at the airport. Fortunately they do take credit card.

Both our bags and us arrived safely and then we were off to our hotel. John immediately crashed for a few hours so other than going on an “essentials” run ($, water, snacks and dinner) haven’t done anything today.

Tomorrow we’re up early for our next flight 6 hrs back towards Australia (crazy hey) to visit Easter Island.