Day 17–To Daniell Cheetah Project

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We didn’t need to be in Port Elizabeth till midday so it meant we could take our time or sleep in this morning. We chose to leave the park slowly, through the park.


Up early for a drive just after sunrise around a few of our favorite spots in search of some more animals to cross off our bingo list. Hoping for lion in front of a blazing sun but had to settle for some kudo and zebra.


Almost 8:30 so we head back to camp to grab our things and fill up and there they were – 2 lions making their way across the park.


There’s a bit of a loop so we do a quick U-turn to catch them and then get in front of them as the move towards the fence.


Back at the camp I mark up the lion on the board and chat to some people who’ve just been on a game drive and seen bugger all.

Then we head out. We’ve got 3 hours – should be enough time to drive 60k….


That is based on our experience of seeing hardly any elephants.


Today, it seems that the other 290 elephants have come to say hello and hang out on every road.


On one of our last loops avoiding elephant to get out of the park we saw some kudo fighting and  cross off another animal – Puff Adder – didn’t think we’d see one of these.


We make one last detour to go around these elephants cause the people on the other side were having too much fun.


Then to the airport to drop off our car and get picked up. Quick trip the the supermarket for some food for the week before heading to our home for he next 10 days.

Quick tour around to meet all the animals, then cook some dinner and time to crash.