Day 15–To Addo Elephant National Park

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Another decent day of driving to Addo Elephant National Park.

With our permit we get a park map and a bingo card (also known as a species guide). Don’t think I want to fill this card as I would leave perfectly happy having never ticked off Puff Adder

We drive around part of the park and start ticking off a few animals.


You’re not allowed to drive over any dung so you don’t kill the scarce dung beetle. You actually see heaps of these guys on the road and it gets tricky to not run over them.

In animal bingo today we ticked off a few : a lone elephant way in the distance, a lone red hartebeest.


Saw lots of warthogs – these guys are way bigger there than in Namibia – guess there’s more food, less walking.


Saw a few Eland, a stack of Zebra and Kudu and quite a few Leopard Tortoise.