Day 11–Arrived in Cape Town

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planeAnother early morning (I know…there’s a pattern developing here) as we fly to Cape Town today.  We’re on a teeny tiny plane (which freaks me out) – an Embraer but at least it has jets rather then propellers.  So small there’s only overhead space on one side and only small cabin bags fit. Few upset people had their bags stowed.


Picked up our car – a Hyundai Ascent and headed to our accommodation at Signal Hill Lodge to drop our bags. We’re up on the hill so we get a decent view out to the water.

Went to the waterfront, had lunch, got a sim card for data and did some food/drink shopping to hold us over for the next few days.


Wanted to got up Table Mountain but it was really cloudy so we might leave that till tomorrow afternoon if we’re up for it.