Day 11 Santiago and Bartolome Islands

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This morning starts with a zodiac cruise of the shore of Santiago island.


We’re in search of Blue Footed Boobies but alas none to be found.


There are however, quite a few nesting pelicans.


There’s a juvenile hawk that for some reason wants to pick a fight with the fur seals.


He eyes off the crabs for awhile instead.


The shore has quite a lot of fur seals. They look so much like sea lions but I remember these guys from South Georgia – vicious and grumpy.


As the pelicans look for fish some of the other birds hitch a ride in hope of snagging a freed feed from the mouth of the pelican.



Before lunch the other go on a snorkel in the same area – water is cold and with the fur seals around I’m not expecting much interesting wildlife so I’m waiting for this afternoon’s snorkel from the beach.

As the afternoon approached it was our last chance to snorkel on the beautiful Bartolome Island beach.


The water was somewhat warm with the wet suit on and the rocks were teaming with fish.


Had a bit of a play with the go pro trying to simulate a desktop pic of a snorkeler in the water. Didn’t do too bad with one of John.


I on the other hand completely suck with the flipper things. All they seem to do is either bend or feel like they’re going to snap my ankles. We saw a couple of Galapagos penguins wizz past us – tried to follow them but they are way too quick in the water.


The late afternoon was a hike up the view point on Bartolome.


380 or so steps was a bit huffy puffy but the view was great.


Really wish we’d come up here in the morning or lunch time as the sun set is in such the wrong place late afternoon for a good picture.


Tonight we pack up our room ready for our last outing in the morning. We have by far had the best cabin on the boat. It’s on the upper deck and is at a dead end so nobody walks by our window and the door and window let in really nice breezes. It’s small but still the type of place you can relax and allowed me to read 2.5 books while I’ve been on board.

Farewell drinks with the crew and last massive meal of multiple meats from the wonderful chef.