Day 11 – Land Ahoy!

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We’re running ahead of schedule and we’re going to hit land early and actually walk on solid ground today.

My head has stopped spinning. Not sure if it’s the calmer waters, not taking my old meds or taking the new meds but I’m up and around for more than an hour at a time for the first time in 3 days.


Just after lunch we arrive at Right Whale Bay and we’re all suited up in our warm gear – our first test of how warm we are in the cold. I’ve got thermals, shirt, down jacket, and outer shell, so fingers crossed that’s enough.

We all pile into our zodiacs and arrive on land. The black volcanic rock with the icy snow looks pretty cool. The beach is lined with penguins and seals. It’s pretty amazing how quickly 80 people disperse. The trick now is to try and take some snaps without standing in other people’s photos. There is some serious kit on this beach that makes my 70-200 lense look like a toy.


There’s a cute little seal on one of the hills who was looking very sleepy.


The big elephant seals were massive and got a bit restless.


I can manage a couple of pics with my liner glove before my hands freeze and I have to stick it back in my outer.


The penguins are very cool and just wander where they feel like it.


When they flicked their heads back they made a really weird call sound.


There was a set of whale bones on the beach which at first looked like bits of log.


I really should have taken my extender to get some closer pictures but then my hands were so cold I was having trouble keeping the camera steady. Need another layer next trip out.