Cloverfield and some dodgy KFC

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWent and checked out Cloverfield last night. While it didn’t blow me away as it seems to have done with everyone was a bit different which is always good. While I don’t want to spoil the movie for you..I’d say it’s like Godzilla meets Blair Witch. They’ve done well to give you the background story and current happenings in a handycam video.

Our night did’t start well though…we got there a bit early to grab some food before the movie.  We shouda known something was up when we went to KFC and tried to order a Zinger burger. The guy on the front counter was off buying a drink and everyone out the back was ignoring us..finally..they were outta most things.  So we got a Fillet Burger only to discover the lettuce was black and the buns hard as rocks.

We tried to take it back…there was a “huddle” out the back, to be told “the manager says it’s fresh”.  When asking to speak to said manager, quickly asked if we wanted a refund…so i ask..was there even a manager on duty?  And yes, it’s almost our own fault for eating so badly…

Then I wanted a Froke..only to discover I could have 1/2 a froke 1/2 a coke..oh well.

After 2 in a row was waiting to get back to the car and discover our tyres slashed or something..but lucky it stoped at 2.