BugTracker.NET, simple web based bug tracker in 15min

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johnWeeGo.jpgI downloaded, installed and transfered all my bugs from excel to a proper bug tracker today in 15mins flat. The application is called BugTracker.Net, it’s free, and runs in IIS using SQL server for the database. Installation couldn’t have been easier. Simply unziped, setup a website pointing to that folder, created a database, set the connection string, ran a sql script and … Application error. Seems like a permissions problem writting to c:\temp for log files. Had a setting in the web.config to turn these off and then it started up fine.

Setup all my users, setup some categories, default allocation / views etc and sent an email out to everyone. This was a mistake as i then had to rapidly copy and paste the already discovered bugs into the site before my excited users did. Anyway in the end after 15 min I now have a bug tracking portal that everyone can see from a browser. They know what bugs are still open and can submit their own. There are some simple reports and best of all I didn’t have to do any of it or maintain it I can simply get on with real work.