Brisbane Barcamp – a success

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe went to the first Brisbane Barcamp yesterday.  We rocked up pretty late..about 2:30 as we were both flat out working in the morning, and then had to battle the queues to cast our vote.

It was a good afternoon, chatting about “stuff” and playing some lawn bowls, drinking some alcohol.  All very relaxing really…just what i needed.

It was at the East Brisbane Bowls Club which i’ve probably driven past 100’s of times in my life without even realising it’s there.  I’m in love with the grass on the bowling green…i want some at home…but i don’t want to mow it 🙂

Spent a bit of time watching the Croquet next door…didn’t even realise people still played it.  Quite an intruiging game to watch…maybe should have a go at that next time.