Ager airconditioning – unreliable units and unhelpful staff

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgHere are some tips for anyone looking to get an Ager Airconditioning unit.

Ager will NOT honor the warranty if the owner of the property changes, no matter what the problem with the unit.  There’s no way to transfer it or get a new one, which is really annoying when the unit is 9 months old and has broken 2wce with what seems to be installation issues (by Ager) and the unit should have a 5 year warranty.

This is a pretty stupid rule, considering they are the ones that supply and install the unit, so they know EXACTLY how old it is.  So if you have a flakey unit (as we do) the $ add up pretty quickly to get them out to fix the problems.

We even asked them if they’d just remove it for us seeing it’s broken again and they could keep it for spare parts and they refused.  So we’re just going to pay someone else to do it and then we’re getting a brand new unit…different brand, much more reliable, with a warranty!