7th Jul-Off to New York for Imagine Cup 2011

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We got up fairly early this morning to head to the airport as we couldn’t online check-in for our New York flight. The plane was packed not a single seat spare. We managed to get a seat together but were on the very back row. Flight went well and we had a fairly quick turnover at LAX and got a fancy “Express” ticket that got us through immigration and customs quicker. We then tried to stay awake for the LAX to JFK leg. After a few circles in the air we landed fine at JFK, grabbed out bags and were driven to the Marriott at Times Square.  By then it’s about 7:15pm NY time on Thursday so we’re pretty tired from a massive day of travel. There’s a bunch of banners around the building and keen to checkout the Kinect level and see what they’re doing with the Kinects Smile

We scored a room with an awesome view over the square. We can see the clock face in the pic from our bed so no wondering what the time is Smile


Ventured up the street for some dinner and now ready to collaspe before my 2nd wind kicks in and won’t be able to sleep at all. Tomorrow I have a morning of briefings before the competition starts on Saturday. Really looking forward to seeing what the students create.

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